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Say goodbye to paper & pen and HELLO TO DIGITAL

B2B sales made simple

nVision Mobile
Sales Order Management

Increase your B2B sales by streamlining the order process and accelerating product presentation.
nSales’ mobile sales order app is developed to fit companies and organizations of all sizes.

Our online platform enables you to manage all your customers, products and orders.
Furthermore, information can be filtered to suit the individual Sales Rep.
In addition our iPad order taking app, nVision Mobile, can be used anywhere and anytime regardless of internet connection.

B2B Sales has never been more simple!

Increase your sales instantly with our unparalleled tool

nVision Mobile gives you the power to quickly create an order without the messy order pad or spreadsheet.

Customer interaction has never been easier. You can sell directly from your PDF catalogue, browse categories and products or simply scan a barcode to add products to the order.

nVision Mobile also supports the fashion industry with support for styles, colors & sizes and pack sizes.

You can sell bulk, prepacks and select a delivery date and further get the customer to sign the order.

nVision Mobile Salgsordre-værktøj - B2B salg har aldrig været mere enkelt!
Track your performance on the nVision Mobile Dashboard

Track your performance

On the Dashboard you can keep track of your sales.

You can furthermore follow company news in the RSS feed, keep track of new products and sales history.

Sell more today

Simply touch a product and add it to the order.

You can easily transform your PDF catalogues into an interactive sales tool.
When you swipe through the catalogue touch the products to add to the order.
Walk your customers through the PDF catalogue and sell the products while you talk.
As a result your never forget to show related products or old SKU’s.

Touch a product and add it to the order - Sell more today
Product presentation - Show off products full screen

Show off products full screen

Products is presented in a quick and convincing way.

Details about the products such as stock level, prices and pictures are always updated and new products can be added daily.
Products can easily be grouped into sections according to color, size, model number.

Service your customers even faster

With barcode scanners from Socket Mobile you can service your customers up to 3x faster than before.

It is a fast and reliable add-on where you can scan the barcode format you choose.

Scanner revolution - Service your customers even faster
Send tilbud og ordrebekræftelser til dine kunder med billeder og antal

Create the order with our professional templates

Send proposals and order confirmations to your customers with photos and quantities.

They’ll receive a PDF via email instantly.

Keep track of your customers

Key information about your customers is easily available.

For each customer there is a complete order and visit history. This way you get a quick overview before every meeting.
With the camera you can upload pictures of e.g. shop decorations or defective products and easily share with your team.

Keep track of your customers
Access corporate documents on the go

Access corporate documents on the go

Get easy access to relevant new and updated marketing tools, product presentations, documents and budgets.

You can even create and upload folders, files and documents and share with your team.

Make your sales simple!

Contact us now for a demo of nVision Mobile Sales order management app!
And start digitizing and optimizing your sales!

Combine our great sales tools

Bridge the gap between customer visits by allowing your customers to place their orders online.
Either by adding our eCommerce portal or our nVision Retail app.
Our clients have experienced an increase in sales by up to 25% by adding an eCommerce site.

Sell effectively online with our eCommerce shops