About us

Our story

It all began in 2005 where two brothers got to work on a great idea.

Lasse had at that time run a successful wholesales company for more than ten years and he wondered how the sales order process could be improved, so his Sales Reps could free more time, create more orders and enhance customer satisfaction.

More than a decade ago it was typical for sales persons to use a notebook and a pencil to write down orders.
Sales Reps where faxing orders and spending time typing in orders after business hours.
At that time only clunky PCs where the alternative to pen and paper, so a tool for optimizing the sales process was needed.

That was the beginning of nSales

Our first introduction to the market was handheld PDAs, such as PalmPilots. These devices made order taking on the road so much easier. The real breakthrough came with the introduction of the iPad which made order creation and product showcasing even more perfect.

Today we are still as committed to innovate sales technology and help businesses grow sales.
We take great pride in seeing our clients optimizing sales and gain more traction in the markets using our B2B sales order app and/or B2B & B2C eCommerce solutions, and how they easily can motivate and engage their retailers with our Brand Academy and/or our B2B mobile commerce app.

We always stay on top of what the market need and continue to develop new tools, solutions and services to optimize sales processes. That way our clients always stay on top of the selling game.

The DNA of nSales is a Scandinavian approach to design and user-friendly software combined with personalized and family-like support.

Helps business grow and optimize sales

“Helping businesses grow, that’s what
motivates me every single day”…


Lasse Rostock
Co-founder, CEO nSales Inc.
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